Weekly Newsletter – April 25th

Good Morning! We are down to the last 4 (and a half) weeks of school! Crazy to think about. There is a lot going on this week so please read carefully. Here are the things you need to know:


What We Are Learning:

English: We are reviewing pronouns and conjunctions this week. We will be learning how to label them in a sentence.

Math: We are continuing to work our way through our measurement unit. This week we are focusing on centimeters, meters, kilometers, milliliters, liters, grams, and kilograms. We will have timed tests on Tuesday and Friday.

Reading: This week we are learning about homophones! We are also focusing on the main idea of a story.

Bible: We will be wrapping up Joseph this week (if everything goes as planned). We do have a Bible verse due on Wednesday.

Spelling: Our words this week are all homophones. It is important that students understand the different meanings of the words. Our test will be on Friday.

Science: This week we are starting our unit over the nervous system. It should be an exciting time!

Bible Verse and Spelling Words:

This Week’s Bible Verse: Matthew 28:19 – Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Next Week’s Bible Verse: Psalm 9:1 – I will give thanks to your, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

Spelling Words: to, too, two, week, weak, road, rode, stair, stare, bear, bare, write, right, new, knew, their, there, they’re, weather, whether. Bonus: concentrate


Odds and Ends:

Spring Program: Our spring program is this Thursday! Students need to be in the classroom at 6:45. Boys need to wear nice pants (no jeans or sweatpants) and a collared shirt. Girls need to wear a dress, skirt, or dress pants. Students are supposed to be bringing straw hats for one of their songs. Please bring those in by Wednesday!

Book Fair: We are going to our preview day of the book fair today. It will be open all week including concert night. The book fair helps support our school library so come check it out!

Field Trip: We are going to the Great Lakes Science Center! Money is due this Friday.

Box Tops: We are nearing the end of the year with Box Tops! The last turn in date is May 6th. Please get as many box tops as possible turned in by then!

Class Chapel: Our class chapel is Friday May 6th. Parents are welcome to come watch!


I think that is it for this week! Have a great day!

In Christ,

Mrs. Starkey


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