Timed Test Schedule


Below is the schedule for the rest of our multiplication timed tests. I also wanted to remind you that it is extremely important that your student is practicing at home. We do 50 problems in 2 1/2 minutes, so it helps if you practice in that time frame. Flashcards and worksheets are very helpful! Please remember that students must get a 48/50 or higher to move onto the next test. Thank you for all your help!



Week of Jan 4: Sevens (Tuesday), Fours-Sevens Review (Friday)

Week of Jan 11: Eights (Tuesday), Nines (Friday)

Week of Jan 18: Tens (Tuesday), Elevens (Friday)

Week of Jan 25: Eights-Elevens Review (Tuesday), Twelves (Friday)

Week of Feb 1: Zeros-Twelves (Tuesday)

*We will start division the next week.


Have a great day!


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